Makespace | The gathering of Makers in Malaysia
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Makespace caters to corporate and communities to run workshops, talks, brainstorming sessions, team building, hackathons, performances, parties and we welcome collaborations.

Makespace is also a funky joint to inspire and create. We have tools available to turn ideas into reality and at the same time be surrounded by like minded people.

Use the space

We have lots of space therefore we are giving back to the community by providing a space for collaborative work like workshops, talks, performances, dance class, etc. We also have co-working space.

Enquire and Book
Gathering of Makers

Creators come join us to work together with like minded people in this funky new playground. Let us promote your services, products and even create workshops with you and/or with other fellow makers.

Join as Maker
Learn to be a Maker

Combining both space and Makers/creators, Makespace will have daily activities and ever Maker markets that sells product invented and innovated by makers all over.

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